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Available only in print. Published 2014.

No. 94 Bagna Coada

    • The Song of Bagna Caoda: The Story and the Making of Piedmont’s Great Cold-Weather Sauce  John Irving
    • Food in South Africa (with Lessons in Conversation from Nelson Mandela)  Charlene Smith
    • Old-Fashioned Sour Cakes in the Buckwheat Belt of West Virginia  Holly Jennings
    • No Respect: Jack Czarnecki’s Uphill Battle to Put Oregon Truffles on the Culinary Map  John Grossmann
    • Hangover Soup: Making Patsa on the Peloponnesos  Alexis Marie Adams
    • Six Addresses: Venice  Marisa Huff
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  “Harmonie” Champagne from Franck Pascal  Pascaline Lepeltier
    • Resources:  The Latest Best Automatic Drip Coffee Maker  Edward Behr
    • Book Review:  Wink Lorch’s “Jura Wine”  David Schildnecht
    • Shorts:  “Yoshoku and Chuka,” “The Modern Peasant,” “Cooking with Fire,” and “Defending Beef”
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