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Available only in print. Published 2014.


    • The Culture of Butter: Is Cultured Butter Better?  James MacGuire
    • Crisp, Tender, Old-Fashioned Croissants  James MacGuire
    • Farming a Better-Tasting Potato: The Lessons of Dry Land  John Grossmann
    • High and Dry: Recreating Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in New Mexico  Zora O’Neill
    • Horseradish  Anthony Boutard
    • Six Addresses: Toronto  Mitchell Davis and Bonnie Stern
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  Lorchhäuser Seligmacher Riesling from Eva Fricke  Al Drinkle  also “TragoLargo” Alicante from Rafa Bernabé   Linda Milagros Violago
    • Resources:  Mosel Wine (the website)  Edward Behr and Chicago ’Nduja  Edward Behr
    • Restaurant Reviews:  The Sportsman in Whitstable, Kent, England Diana Henry and Natural Wine Bars in Paris Camille Rivière
    • Book Reviews:  “Seaweeds,” “The Sea Vegetable Book,” and “Extreme Greens” Sam Hayward and “Eat,” “Native Wine Grapes of Italy,” and “Bitter” Edward Behr
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