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Available only in print. Published 2014.

No. 92 Modern Food

    • Modern Food: Where Are We Headed Now?  Edward Behr
    • Cucina Bianca  John Irving
    • Winter Salads  James MacGuire
    • Northern Flint Corn  Anthony Boutard
    • A Visit to Varsos, Or Back to Sixties Athens  Diana Farr Louis
    • Six Addresses:  Hong Kong  Georgia Freedman
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  Pinot Noir from Folk Machine  Derrick Schneider and Reynard from Thierry Allemand  Randall Grahm
    • Notes and Resources:  “50 Foods”  Edward Behr and Highbush Cranberries  Hank Shaw
    • Restaurant Review:  Ramen Shop in Oakland, California Justin Bolois
    • Book Reviews:  Oretta Zanini De Vita and Maureen B. Fant’s “Sauces & Shapes” Winnie Yang; Jon Bonne’s “The New California Wine” Edward Behr; Michael Anthony’s “The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook” Edward Behr; Bill Nesto and Frances Di Savino’s The World of Sicilian Wine Alfonso Cevola
    • Shorts:  “The Hakka Cookbook,” “Roots,” “Schmaltz,” and “Adventures on the Wine Route”
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