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Available only in print. Published 2014.

No. 90 Jean-Pierre Moullé

    • A Quiet Effect: Jean-Pierre Moullé at Chez Panisse  Justin Bolois
    • The Yarra Valley: Australia’s Next Wine Wave?  Kristine Kowalchuk
    • How to Cook a Lobster  John Grossman
    • Akara: African Fast Food  John Thorne
    • Improved by the Cold: Parsnips and Brussels Sprouts  Sandy Oliver
    • Aged Eggnog  Holly Jennings
    • Six Addresses  Berlin  Luisa Weiss
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  Rebula from Kabaj  Joe Appel and Vecchia Modena Lambrusco di Sorbara from Cleto Chiarli  Alfonso Cevola
    • Wine Comment  Matching Food with Wine  Alessandro Masnaghetti
    • Notes and Resources  Soy Sauce Pot  Edward Behr and A Precisionist Tea Kettle  Kevin Gascoyne
    • Restaurant Reviews  Rouge Tomate in New York City  Mitchell Davis;  Yingjiang-Style Dai Flavor Restaurant and Red Bean Garden Fish Farmstead in Yunnan, China  Georgia Freedman
    • Book Reviews  John Evelyn’s “Acetaria”  Anthony Boutard; Jacque Pepin’s “Essential Pepin”  Mitchell Davis; and Robert Oliver’s “Me’a Kai”  Rachel Laudan
    • Short List  The Family Meal,” “The Art of Fermentation,” “The Truck Food Cookbook,” and “The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee”
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