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Available only in print. Published 2012.

No. 89 The Greek Issue

    • Mastiha  Diana Farr Louis


    • In Pursuit of the Cheese of the Skin: Shepherd Cheesemaking in Tsakonia  Alexis Marie Adams


    • Olive Oil: Tasting the Differences (Letter from Tuscany)  Nancy Harmon Jenkins


    • Weir Fishing for the Last Sardine Cannery in North America  Peter Smith


    • Big Oak Casks  Derrick Schneider
    • Curing Olives on Crete  Manousos Daskalogiannis and Nicole Lachanas
    • Why  This Bottle, Really?  Meditazione from Channing Daughters  Michael Anthony and Dreadnought from Man O’ War  Franz Scheurer
    • Notes and Resources  Black Fruit (The Traditional Taste of Provençal and Almost All Olive Oil)  Edward Behr and Muesli  Emily Horton
    • Restaurant Review  Tortilleria Nixtamal in Queens  Jamie Feldmar
    • Book Reviews  Claudia Roden’s “The Food of Spain”  Lisa Abend; Frédéric Bau’s “Cooking with Chocolate”  James MacGuire; Michael Ruhlman’s “Ruhlman’s Twenty”  Emily Nunn; Richard A. Jones and Sharon Sweeney-Lynch’s “The Beekeeper’s Bible”  Neal Rosenthal
    • Short List  “Ilimpa’chi’,” “Serious Eats,” “An Everlasting Meal,” and “Tuscany”
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