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Available only in print. Published 2009.

No. 83 Piedmont Beef

    • The Fair of the Fattened Ox in Carrù  John Irving


    • Classic Piedmont Beef Recipes  John Irving


    • Pain au Levain: The Best Flavor, Acidity, and Texture and Where They Come From (with a Recipe and How to Buy Pain au Levain)  James MacGuire


    • Duck Hunt: In Search of California’s Perfect Wild Waterfowl  Hank Shaw


    • Lingonberries  Lee Reich
    • Lost and Found in the Woods: Funghi Porcini  Nancy Harmon Jenkins
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  Wylie-Fenaughty Syrah from Edmunds St. John  Mannie Berk
    • Notes and Resources Bannetons  Edward Behr
    • Restaurant Reviews  Chapter One in Dublin  John McKenna, Regional Mexican Places in the Bay Area  Scott Hocker
    • Book Reviews  Maria Pignatelli Ferrante’s “Puglia: A Culinary Memoir” (new translation)  John Irving, Giuseppe Coria’s “Sicily: Culinary Crossroads” (new translation)  Anya Fernald, Michael Steinberger’s “Au Revoir to All That: Food, Wine, and the End of France”  Edward Behr
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