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Available only in print. Published 2009.

No. 82 New Paris Bistros

    • New Ways to Be a Restaurant in Paris: The Casualization of Dining  Bénédict Beaugé and Edward Behr


    • Recipes: Three from the New Paris Bistros  Iñaki AizpitarteGuillaume DelageNicolas Scheidt


    • Cucina Povera: Street Food in Naples  John Irving


    • The Mechanics of Terroir  Derrick Schneider


    • Paximadia: Cretan Twice-Baked Bread Diana Farr Louis


    • Crunch: Chapulines (Crickets, Grasshoppers, and Locusts), a Mexican Delicacy  Corinna Sargood
    • Alici di Menaica: Pisciotta’s Big Little Fish  Winnie Yang
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  St. Julien from Domaine du Jaugaret  Patrik St. Vincent
    • Notes and Resources  Curing the “nail polish” in vinegar, further thoughts on Chablis
    • Restaurant Reviews  Le Grand Couvert in Burgundy Bénédict Beaugé, Antico Colle in Tuscany Beth Elon
    • Book Reviews  Clara Margaret Czegeny’s “Helen’s Hungarian Heritage Recipes” Petra Tanos, Teresa M. Chen’s “A Tradition of Soup: Flavors from China’s Pearl River Delta” Olivia Wu
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