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Available only in print. Published 2009.

No. 80 American Charcuterie

    • American Charcuterie: The Cooked  Winnie Yang


    • Pâté de Campagne, Rillettes de Tours, and Other Recipes  Edward Behr and James MacGuire


    • Mâche: A Salad for the Cold Season  Barbara Damrosch
    • Black Currants  Melissa Pasanen
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  La Châtelaine (Bourgogne Vézelay) from Domaine de la Cadette  David Schildknect
    • Notes and Resources  “Culture” magazine, Nonsweet Red-Wine Vinegar, Buckwheat Honey, Tennessee Ham and Bacon
    • Restaurant Review  Tia Sophia in Sante Fe  Deborah Madison
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