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Available only in print. Published 2008.

No. 77 Island Sheep

    • Island Sheep: Keeping Flocks Down East  Sam Hayward


    • The Berber Tree of Life and the Acrobatic Goats (Argan Oil)  Corinna Sargood
    • The Palm Honey of La Gomera  Tara Stevens
    • Why This Bottle, Really?  Chateau Musar  Jamie Goode
    • Notes and Resources  Argan Oil, A Handwrought Gridiron, True Buttermilk, the Technivorm  Edward Behr
    • Restaurant Reviews  Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles  Winnie Yang, Morandi and Balthazar in New York  Mitchell Davis, Le Petit Nice in Marseille  Bénédict Beaugé, Antica Osteria dei Mosto in Ne  John Irving
    • Book Reviews  Gillian Riley’s “Oxford Companion to Italian Food”  Edward Behr, Edouard de Pomaine’s “Vingt Plats qui donnent la goutte” and “Le Trésor de la cuisine du bassin méditerranéen par 70 médecins de France”  James MacGuire, Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss’s “The Story of Tea” and Lydia Gautier’s “Tea”  David Campbell, Hiroko Shimbo’s “The Sushi Experience” and Shizuo Tsuji’s “Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art”  Elisa Herr
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