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Available only in print. Published 2006.

No. 73-74 20th Anniversary Issue

    • Questioning Myself  Edward Behr


    • California Olive Oil: Entering a Golden Age  Jeff Cox


    • Truffles, White and Black  David Downie


    • Gallery: Abenaki Flint Corn (Ruth and Roy Fair)  Ethan Hubbard


    • What Does It Mean Now That a Winemaker Can Select the Structure of a Wine?: The Lessons of Clark Smith and Vinovation  Derrick Schneider


    • The Baguette  James MacGuire
    • The Shining Drink: Mead Endures  Rowan Jacobsen
    • Recipes  Chestnut Soup, Sausages for Oysters, Salmon Soufflé, Polpette
    • Restaurant Reviews  Gargouillou of Michel Bras in Laguiole, France  Bénédict Beaugé, Ducasse, Robuchon, and Le Veau d’Or in New York  Mitchell Davis
    • Notes and Resources  A Precise Kitchen Scale  Edward Behr
    • Book Reviews  Elizabeth Prueitt’s and Chad Robertson’s “Tartine” and Pierre Hermé’s “PH 10″  Leslie Chesterman, Jamie Goode’s “The Science of Wine” and Evan Goldstein’s “Perfect Pairings” with a note on Paula Wolfert’s “The Cooking of Southwest France”  Edward Behr
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