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Available only in print. Published 2006.

No. 72 Wines of the Jura

    • A Particular Taste: Vin Jaune and Other Traditional Wines of the Jura  Edward Behr


    • Addresses in the Franche-Comté  Edward Behr


    • Mexican Vanilla: Sketches in Papantla  Corinna Sargood
    • A Taste by Any Other Name: Umami Comes West  Rowan Jacobsen
    • Recipes  Squash Soup with Vin Jaune, Potée jurasienne, Poulet au vin jaune et aux morilles
    • Notes and Resources  Garlic, Dried French Morels, Filet Green Beans, Mexican Vanilla Edward Behr
    • Book Review  Lee Reich’s “Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden” Keith Crotz
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