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Available only in print. Published 2005.

No. 70 Gruyère de Comté

    • Gruyère de Comté: High Pastures, Joint Efforts, and a Big Mountain Cheese  Edward Behr


    • Achingly Ripe: Tropical Fruit in Homestead, Florida  Rowan Jacobsen


    • A Higher Authorty? Science and the Pursuit of a Perfect Hard-Cooked Egg, Roast Chicken, and Flaky Pie Crust  Melissa Pasanen
    • Italy’s Local Markets  David Downie
    • Recipes  Soupe aux Cerises, Fondue
    • Notes and Resources  Dried Corn
    • Book Reviews  How-to Bread Books  James MacGuire, Max McCalman’s and David Gibbons’s “Cheese”  Edward Behr, Patience Gray’s “The Centaur’s Kitchen”  Edward Behr, John T. Edge’s “Fried Chicken; Apple Pie; Hamburgers & Fries”  John Thorne
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