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Available only in print. Published 2005.

No. 69 Contemporary Restaurants in Montreal

    • Another Way of Being Up To Date: Contemporary Restaurants in Montreal  Edward Behr


    • Burgundy’s Charolais Beef  David Downie


    • Maine Fish Chowder  Nancy Harmon Jenkins


    • Patience Gray  Edward Behr
    • Comment: The Revolution in Wine is Not That Simple  Patrick Matthews
    • Recipes  Laitue à l’ancienne (Old-Fashioned Dressing for Lettuce), Cretons
    • Notes and Resources  Roasting and the Clockjack, A New York Restaurant Update
    • Book Reviews  Christine Ferber’s “Mes Tartes”  Lesley Chesterman, Vivien Weise’s “Cooking Weeds: A Vegetarian Cookery Book”  Andy Griffin, Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking”  Edward Behr
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