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Available only in print. Published 2004.

No. 67 Beaujolais: The Goal of a Gulpable Wine

    • Beaujolais: The Goal of a Gulpable Wine  Edward Behr
    • Addresses in the Beaujolais and Lyon  Edward Behr
    • Hunting for California Terroir: Western Paso Robles  Derrick Schneider
    • Recipes  Cervelle de Canut (Fresh Cheese with Fresh Herbs), Gateau de Foies de Volaille (Chicken Liver Flan or Custard), Rognons de Veau à la Moutarde (Sautéed Veal Kidneys with White Wine and Mustard)
    • Book Reviews  John McKenna’s “How to Run a Restaurant,”  Edward Behr, Rose Gray’s and Ruth Rogers’ “Italian Easy”  Melissa Pasanen, Ronald Jager’s “The Fate of Family Farming”  Edward Behr, Rolli Lucarotti’s “Recipes from Corsica”  Edward Behr
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