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Available only in print. Published 2002.

No. 62 Twelve Restaurants in Tokyo

    • Twelve Restaurants in Tokyo  Mitchell Davis


    • Coulée de Serrant: A Difficult Wine from the Loire  Edward Behr


    • Searching for Sweet Red: Why Sweet Red Bell Peppers Don’t Taste as Good as They Used To  Leslie Land
    • Ricotta in the Monti Sicani  Harold McGee
    • Recipes  Rillauds d’Anjou, Beurre blanc, Crémets d’Anjou
    • Notes and Resources  Acacia Honey from France and Italy, Chocolate from Venezuela
    • Book Reviews  Madeleine Kamman’s “When French Women Cook”  Melissa Pasanen, Diana Farr Louis’s “Feasting & Fasting in Crete”  Nancy Harmon Jenkins, William Rubel’s “The Magic of Fire: Open-Hearth Cooking”  Sandy Oliver
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