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Available only in print. Published 2001.

No. 58 Southern Piedmont: Part II

    • Southern Piedmont Part II: The Great Wines of Barolo (and Barbaresco), How Much Remains of Tradition and Why Does it Matter? With an Intermezzo on Polenta  Edward Behr


    • The Source of Darjeeling’s Ethereal Fragrance  Kevin Gascoyne
    • Stall 54, Càdiz Market  Melissa Pasanen
    • Recipes  Bread and Zucchini Soup from Asti, Puccia (Polenta with Cabbage and Pork), Cherries in Barolo Wine
    • Notes and Resources  Chocolate, Polenta, Olive Oil from Northern Peloponisos
    • Book Reviews  Raymond Calvel’s “The Taste of Bread”  Chad Robertson and Patrick Matthew’s “Real Wine: The Rediscovery of Natural Winemaking”  Edward Behr
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