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Available only in print. Published 2001.

No. 56 Southern Piedmont Part 1

    • Southern Piedmont, Part I: High Mountain Pastures and a Brief Introduction to Cooking  Edward Behr


    • The Art of Making Phyllo  Rianne Buis
    • To Brew Darjeeling Tea  Kevin Gascoyne
    • Recipes  Peperoni ripieni con tonno, Cinghiale colle castagne, Torta di nocciole
    • Notes and Resources  Excellent Moderately Roasted Coffee, Castelmagno Cheese, Enogea, Blue Cheese from Colorado
    • Book Reviews  Linda Bladholm’s “The Indian Grocery Store Demystified”  Bob Lucky, Theresa Maggio’s “Mattanza: Love and Death in the Sea of Sicily”  Edward Behr, Steven A. Shaw’s “The Zagat Effect”  Edward Behr
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