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Available only in print. Published 1997.

No. 44 Two Strong, Sweet Wines of Mediterranean France

    • Two Strong Wines of Mediterranean France: the Banyuls of Domaine du Mas Blanc and the Maury of the Mas Amiel  Edward Behr


    • Caviar  Edward Behr
    • A Gentle Manifesto on the Craft of Roasting Coffee  Edward Behr
    • Recipes  Blini, Braised duck with sour cherries, Chocolate tart
    • Notes and Resources  Wieninger’s Goat Cheese, Mozzarella, Valrhona Guanaja, Honey from Zingerman’s mail-order, Imperial Tea Court, Upton Tea Imports,
    • Book Review  Ian Bersten’s “Coffee Floats, Tea Sinks”
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