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“Ed Behr is one of the great food writers, and this book may be his best work.”
David Chang

René Redzepi

“Compelling and original.”
Danny Meyer

“A beautiful resource.”
Alice Waters

“Packed with useful information, a wonderfully concise source of both advice and provocation. One of the best guides a food lover could have.”
Harold McGee

“Concise and scrupulously researched. / I don’t advise you to read it on an empty stomach.”
Wall Street Journal

“What Behr traffics in is usable information. / Great reading.”
Los Angeles Times

50 FOODS Hardcover

  • 50 Foods is a guide to deliciousness, a highly useful book about the pleasures of eating — apples, asparagus, baguettes, beef, butter, Camembert, figs, ham, oysters, Parmigiano-Reggiano, salmon, strawberries…

    Behr provides essential information about these important foods, down to the most complementary foods and flavors for each and the wines that go with them. You might say the book makes you an instant connoisseur, if that weren’t a contradiction in terms. The information comes from years of research; there’s enough depth for chefs and yet it’s accessible to anyone. If you love food, it should be on your shelf. 


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