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The Art of Eating

The Art of Eating is about the best food and wine — what they are, how they are produced, and where to find them. In 1986, I began writing a slim black-and-white newsletter that grew into a print magazine and eventually became an online magazine. In 2024, I moved The Art of Eating to Substack in order to focus on what I enjoy most — getting the facts, interviewing, tasting, seeing for myself, and writing. Now once again I’ll be the primary writer.

I care most of all about taste and the connection of taste to place: the most delicious food is usually closest to nature. I look for the essence, the facts, the origin, the classic, the prime example. If you aren’t anchored in those — and the senses — you miss so much pleasure.

I’ve written several books including 50 Foods, The Art of Eating Cookbook, and The Food & Wine of France. I’m currently working on a book about Italy.



Edward Behr

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